History is silent about who invented such a popular print and before the 18th century, evidence of its existence was not found. The middle and end of the 18th century fully boasts this invention. In Europe, the fashion for small peas is gaining popularity among high society and only polka-dot in the English version of the 19th century won the hearts of not only nobles, but also ordinary people.

Everything matters in peas - size, color and its combined variety. Even psychologists have not avoided such an interesting print, it is believed that the chosen variety determines your inner world.

In the 20th century, the popularity of the print with polka dots has several waves, the 20s, 50s and 80s and right now the "pea" is returning. He’s not old-fashioned anymore, he’s already vintage, and he’s entering the most fashionable houses ...

The versatility of "peas" is difficult to underestimate. When sublimation printing on dense bag fabrics, this print is used in the manufacture of haberdashery. When printing on chiffon - in the sewing of women's clothing. Direct digital printing with a polka dot print is used in children's clothes and women's as a companion fabric for more complex prints - floral or geometric.