Big opportunities for large equipment

Printing large formats involves the use of special equipment. So, the presence of large-format plotters and large-format calenders allows you to print the dimensions of a textile print from 1, 6 meters to the length of the roll. Technological feature of sublimation printing on textiles is a high temperature regime. For quality printing, it is necessary to conduct tissue tests.

First, to shrink to correct the pattern.

Second, the brightness and image stability, to be sure of the composition of the fabric.

Recently, there is an increasing misunderstanding of the composition of the tissue. Standard synthetic fabrics do not always correspond to their name. So, the quality of the supplex and the quality of printing by the supplex, directly depends on the fabric manufacturer and the purchasing lot. We recommend our customers to test all new products in order to be sure of its composition.

The possibilities of large-format printing expand the list of services offered by us and give our customers a great advantage in a highly competitive clothing business.