Sublimation digital printing is the most demanded technology in the market of printing services for fabrics. This is due to high print quality and reasonable prices. Printing on white synthetic fabrics: oxford, handbags, flag, raincoat, jersey (viscose), chiffon, armani silk, memorial, gabardine, satin, diving, supplex, furniture fabrics and others. Digital sublimation printing is widely used in the manufacture of chevrons and stripes.

Roll digital printing allows you to produce clothes with copyright prints in the required quantities (several prints in one roll). Bright shades, deep black, clear lines. Printing of electronic patterns with a clear placement of the pattern, pattern filling of fabric rolls with a repeating image.

The LOGOPRINT company offers wholesale prices, fulfillment of urgent orders, special conditions for regular customers. Our equipment in digital sublimation printing: three Mimaki printers with branded inks give high print speeds and an oil calender that gives uniform heating across the entire width of the roll.